February 12th, 2020

If your company is looking for help installing or designing audio visual systems, you should always hire tech-savvy professionals who are trained in the field. A qualified commercial audio visual contractor in Ontario CA can help with a wide array of issues. We offer licensed and certified technicians who can assist with any AV issues.

Video surveillance systems are particularly useful in many different set-ups. Businesses that want to remain as safe and secure as possible will often set up surveillance to keep an eye on crucial areas within the building. We can help set up systems that record entrance-ways, safes, and cash registers.

Access control systems are often used for particularly sensitive areas within a business or school, such as safe rooms or vaults. We can design an access system with a secure control panel that will only be operable by individuals who have been given an access code. In secure government offices, this ensures that only people who have passed the proper background checks can move into the secure areas.

Commercial electrical installation usually works hand-in-glove with AV projects. Our certified technicians will ensure that all wiring is up to code and that the entire system has been designed with the use of the very latest technology. Once installed, the system should remain smoothly integrated with the rest of the building’s interface.

We are qualified to provide audio visual design and installation for conference rooms, classrooms, and sports bars. We are especially skilled at designing interfaces for the modern classroom so that students have the best possible chance of success. AV systems for classrooms can take learning to a new level.

We can ultimately help you with the maintenance, installation, and repair of voice/data network cabling. If you need assistance with an AV project in the Ontario area, including Corona and Riverside, call 909-986-3290. We’ll be happy to provide further assistance and can begin developing an action blueprint for your project today!