February 26th, 2021

Over the years, the ability to connect more and more digital equipment has resulted in often messy non-compliant wiring installations that can be detrimental to an organization’s IT environment unless proper designs are implemented. Even with many devices now operating with wireless capability, the cabling for buildings and campuses is growing more sophisticated. Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, the service of structured cabling contractors in Riverside is an important component of the process.

Structured cable systems are identified as infrastructure which is comprised of several standardized smaller components known as subsystems. These components are of several different types, including patch panels, twisted pair, optical cabling and patch cables.

Our structured system includes all elements of cable systems and the hardware associated with them. The result is a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. The system provides a wide variety of uses, which can include telephone service or a method to transmit data through a network of computers.

We help our clients install wiring so that there are no unsightly tangles. At the same time, the entire wiring infrastructure is organized, making updates to the cables easy to implement, without risk to the infrastructure. We at Wirenet provide a total solution for all your security, cable, and electrical needs. Whether you are in need of changes to an existing infrastructure or a new installation, we know how to get the project done right the first time.

Our comprehensive IT solutions ensure that the critical infrastructure of your business or organization is operating correctly. Your data, wireless, data, and video networks operate smoothly in the present and also permit future modifications or additions. We provide end-to-end solutions, whether you operate out of one site or many locations. We handle every part of the project, including design engineering, procurement of equipment, installation, testing, and continuing maintenance of the infrastructure related to your physical network.

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