BICSI is a professional association supporting the information technology systems (ITS) industry. ITS covers the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies. It encompasses the design, integration and installation of pathways, spaces, fiber- and copper-based distribution systems, wireless-based systems and infrastructure that supports the transportation of information and associated signaling between and among communications and information gathering devices. BICSI provides information, education and knowledge assessment for individuals and companies in the ITS industry.

Wirenet has been a BICSI Corporate Member since 2001. Being a BICSI Corporate Member comes with many benefits, including:

  • Access to amazing benefits and resources to help increase our knowledge base with BICSI courses and credentials.
  • BICSI News Magazine,reference manuals, and standards give us access to the latest advancements and technology and provide educational resources.
  • With a BICSI Corporate Membership, Wirenet has unlimited access to industry resources (BICSI News Magazine, UPLINK, reference manuals, standards) to:
  • Tap into resources that help us address day-to-day challenges and stay at the forefront of best practices.
  • Utilize available industry references for RFP and Spec building.
  • Stay current on the most approved standards.
  • Learn about the latest advances in industry technology.

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